Eye See


Natural Wood Root Ring

The eye is a drop of silver covered with colored glass coated with clear glass.


The type of glass used is Pyrex.

The eye was made by a friend.





In the beauty of Nature, I see the work of a truely wonderous hand. Each living, dying creation, a testimonial of the miraculous work of my God.










Artwork by Maiden America

Since 1992 I have been creating Original works of art under the name Maiden America.  As Maiden America, I work with many differant medias.  I work with jewelry, dolls. native american style artwork, leather goods and much more.  Any poetry on my artwork is also original. What will be viewed on this page is for sale. I can be contacted at maidenamerica@jsstarmom.com, and payment can be made through PayPal, if you are interested.

SOLD$75.0039" long x13" wide

Our Souls  Who Serve

Extinguish my fire that oft times burns.
Bless my heart that for freedom yearns.
Do not forsake our souls who fight,
That all of us may sleep at night.
Stand strong beside those souls who serve,
To give us more than we deserve.
So many say, "Just bring them home."
Shall we leave the weak to fight alone?
Remember, all, from where we came,
We fought for freedom just the same.
What kind of people would we be,
If we did not help the world be free?
We  must all share this planet, Earth,
For which the Lord gave his son in birth.
To show us we are brothers, all.
I pray thee now to please stand tall.
Bless our men and women brave,
Free your soul that you enslave.
Just give credit where it's due,
What they do, they do for you!