In the beauty of nature I see the work of a truly wonderous hand. Each living, dying, creation a testimonial of the miraculous work of my God.

I know I can

Let your spirit fly.
Let your soul be free.
Soar with Eagles in the sky,
Learn to love as He.
Allow the freedom that you seek.
Rejoice in all you feel.
For, in this feeling known as meek
Is Love made known as real.
Realize that Truth abounds
Within the heart of man.
See, that in that truth, is found
I Love, I know I can.



Here's to those who know.






Of all of the people I could have been,
I chose my "self" to be.





Young Man Crying

Young man cryin'
Got a gun in his hand.
Only nineteen
But he must be a man.
Help me, oh Lord,
A young man cries
And on his knees
A young man dies.
He lay on the ground,
Peaceful, but dead.
An enemy(?) bullet
In the back of his head.

This, I wrote in 1969, while still in high school.
I extend a hearty thank you to all those who fought this war that we may remain free.


MIA's Remains

Bittersweet arrival
Of the MIA's remains.
Renewing old and buried deep,
The family's great pains.
What happened to their loved ones,
Once sent off to war?
Their now returning to their homes
Remaining evermore.

I wrote this after the Viet Nam war, when the remains of several of our men were returned. It was a bittersweet time for all involved.


The Ant

I watched a small ant swim the sea.
It was a wondrous thing, to me.
I saw him struggling ten feet out.
I watched him as he flailed about.
I saw how hard he fought the flow,
Then finally let the body go.
On frequent waves he floated free.
They brought him in, where he should be.
He, exhausted, sat once more
Upon the the sun warmed sandy shore.
The lesson Ant was teaching me,
As I sat watching patiently.....
I should not struggle, such as him,
Worried..... Should I sink or swim?
I should give in and let it go.
Be patient and accept the flow.
For, fighting it could surely be
The cause of what's exhausting me.
Give up, give in, just let it go.....
Patiently accept the flow.


The Gift

Through pain, Strength is achieved.
Relentlessly, Time passes.
Love grows stronger,
Ache sinks deeper.
Mortal cup of understanding, overflows.
Forgive, be forgiven.
Reach out, be reached.
Love, be loved.
Live to die, die to live life everlasting.
Creator calls.
In death, free from mortality.
Free from disappointment, pain and fear.
Free to live in spiritual bliss.
Knowing is believing.
Belief is a powerful virtue.
Virtue, in essence, a healing power.

Thus, A gift of God.