So Thankful

So bright the sun shines
On the kingdom where I live.
I am so thankful



Again the rain falls
On forests green and mossy,
Spider webs glisten



Grey clouds pass away
Again the sun starts to shine
Rain drops dissappear.


Blessed Be

Blessed be the Earth
In it's beauty and wonder.
Flowers, trees, land, birth.

Bring Me A Dove

Bring me a dove
Of white in the morning.
A butterfly free
And dew drops of peace.
Moon beams and sun schemes,
These glorified daydreams
Sing to me moments
Of kisses sweet freedom.
For such are the things
To be found in Gods heaven,
Of wishes and children
The Lords lasting truth.
Forever, forgiving
Sweet innocent youth.


Poetry 3







Old Me.

I looked into the mirror .
Saw that I was fifty five.
I pondered for a moment
That I was still alive.
My face is still the same one,
Though lines surround my eyes.
Again I glanced back at myself
Taken with surprise.....
The curves still curved
In places that they should,
My derrier was hanging there
Looking pretty good.
I smiled to myself, to think
I've really been quite blessed
Time was kind, I still look fine
Especially when I'm dressed.

JMA c 7/15/08


All Decked Out

The Joker, the Jack and the King
All follow the Queen.
You know what I mean?
The King, the Jack and the Joker
All wanna poker.
While the Ace the Twos and the Threes
Just do as they please.
Ah, but the rest of the deck
Just say "What the heck?"
As they all sit round the table and play.
They all skip the strip
For they are ill equipped,
Being cards in the deck of misfortune.


Computer Companion

I have a computer companion,
Who is content to sit on my lap.
She studies the screen so intently,
As quickly, on keys, fingers tap.

I have a Velvet Tuxedo
That's by my computer each day.
So small, so soft, and so comfy,
Just hanging as I sit and play.

I admit my Tux is a kitten.
White stockings, white collar, no tail.
Tiny soft paws on my keyboard
With Tux here I surely can't fail.

I have a computer companion
Who is content to sit on my lap.
My little Velvet Tuxedo
Now quietly taking a nap.



The dark poet speaks to me
In tones of negativity.
Altho, what is reality,
Is...we are what we choose to be.
We see just what we want to see,
Blind to spirituality.
In the true eventuality
Our hearts and souls and minds be free.
This is what I want to be...
Adrift in positivity!!